My Background

I work in the early-stage and lower-middle-market (0-$50MM in annual revenue ) CPG, FMCG and consumer product marketplace. I sold one company, built six and crashed two.

I currently co-own a small company in the pet category and one in mobile phone tower leasing, but do most of my work through Basecamp InQb8r, where I incubate and fund startups, compile market intelligence about the early-stage (0 to $2 MM in annual revenue) CPG, FMCG and consumer product startup segment, and consult for investors and other consumer product marketplace participants about this segment.

To learn more about my love for entrepreneurship and why I do what I do, please see the about page at Basecamp InQb8r

I live on a farm in Colorado with my wife and dogs where we grow using regenerative agriculture.

How To Get The Best Use of my Content and Knowledge

I have published substantial amounts of content, mostly about how to develop, launch and grow a  consumer product company.  Review the sitemap page for a complete directory of my content.

My Products, Services and Activities

  1. Startups can join Basecamp InQb8r to learn how to develop, launch and grow a consumer product company through methods that can lead to more sales – faster – and can make a company and its products more appealing to consumers, resellers and investors, with less risk. I also hold regular open-office hours via videoconferencing to answer specific questions for startups.  Membership is free for startups.  Access it here.
  2. I serve as an advisor to startups.
  3. I fund startups or help them get funded, which is done through Basecamp InQb8r.
  4. Companies hire me to help them develop, launch and grow.  I am a deep generalist in understanding how to develop, launch and grow consumer product companies across all major areas, including R&D, supply chain, production, logistics, marketing, sales, finance and operations, with a focus on technology, processes, systems, databases, data and data science.
  5. I develop, launch and grow companies, either on my own or with partners.
  6. I work with other consumer product marketplace participants, including investors, lenders, retailers, vendors, manufacturers and service providers who need assistance understanding, identifying, locating, vetting and working with early-stage and lower-middle-market (0-$50MM in annual revenue ) companies.

If you seek help growing your company or have any other questions, please contact me.

Notifications on New Content I Post

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