My Professional Background

My focus is consumer products and with partners, took one company to $100 million, another to $50 million, a third to $25 million and my current company is niche focused in 6-figures.

Previous to these companies, I sold one technology company and crashed two other startups.

My specialty is developing, launching and growing consumer products through a roadmap I have come to call my “Growth Stack”.  This has and continues to be my preferred way to grow because in my experience, it requires the least amount of investment and the least amount of risk, and has the potential to provide much faster, more robust and sustainable growth. I teach it in a FREE workshop open to anyone.

I want to leverage my knowledge and experience into helping other startups grow, so I put a 4-step process in place on my website to do that.

  1. STEP 1  is to Learn the best growth approach for consumer product startups and product launches, a workshop in slideshare and text format freely open to everyone. This approach – what I call the Growth Stack – is my road map for how to successfully develop, launch and grow a consumer product company.
  2. STEP 2 is to review the free content on my website to give a startup more information not covered in the workshop above. Site visitors can also do text searches via the dialog box, top right and check the sitemap for a complete listing of my content.
  3. If startups need more help implementing my road map described in the workshop above, STEP 3 would be to subscribe for access to my Lean & Agile Framework, which is a large knowledgebase organized to take a startup from idea to $50 million in annual sales using the above road map. My Framework is the operating manual to executing on the road map covered in the workshop in Step 1.
  4. If startups need more one-on-one help, STEP 4 is to apply for membership into my startup incubator designed to give one-on-one with me based on using my roadmap and Lean & Agile Framework.

My Personal Background

I have a passion for health, wellness and the outdoors where I live on a farm with my wife producing food for personal consumption and our pet product company.

But good health has been a struggle for me due to genetic variants that predipose me to pathogen over-growths. This has wreaked havoc with my immune and metabolic systems over the years.

As medical science has caught up to my issues, I have been able to dramatically improve.

A Framework for Good Health

I’ve done a tremendous amount of research and trial and error to fix my issues.  Western medical doctors and even functional medicine providers are not properly trained to heal people and were worthless to me, despite my spending almost a decade and large sums of money on them to treat my issues.

If you want to take control of your own health, then use the following framework I put together that helped me get back my health.

The colored boxes are the functional medicine approach to diagnose and treat health issues. 

Working from the bottom up, document symptoms, then determine disease/conditions causing those symptoms, then determine pathology – or the underlying mechanisms causing the disease/conditions, then determine epigenetic and genetic factors that predispose you to specific pathology.

  • For example, I use to be constantly tired, even with 10 hours of sleep a night.  That is classified as symptoms.
  • The disease/condition was thyroid and adrenal dysfunction.
  • The pathology was high TSH, low T3 and low testosterone.  Western doctors stopped here and just treated the disease/condition based on the pathology, which only get worse over time because the underlying condition causing it was still present.
  • To keep it simple, epigentics is the environmental effects on DNA that cause the DNA to express itself in a certain way.  For me, the environmental effects that caused the high TSH, low T3 and low testosterone, which cause thyroid and adrenal dysfunction, which was the cause my my low energy, was the presence of biotoxins in my system, principally mold spores.
  • The genetic factors that cause my body to accumulate biotoxins was a gene variant that does not make the proper antigens to remove biotoxins from my body, thus allowing them to take up residence, accumulate and generally wreak havoc.

Many times health issues have nothing to do with genetics, but epigenetics.  If you are a smoker, then you are inflicting epigenetic effects on your lungs that increase the chances for the cancer genes to take hold.

Getting to the root cause of health issues through epigenetic and genetic factors will help you understand and treat the underlying causes.  Do as much as you can to understand your genetics and how they are influenced by epigenetics.

For me, my genes predispose me to biotoxins staying in my system, and knowing that, I am now very careful with the foods I eat and the environments I travel through to limit my exposure.

The top boxes in white are the main areas that affect health.

  1. First is consummables, or food.  What we put in our mouths has a huge bearing on our health.
  2. Next is envionmental toxins…the chemicals we breath, put on our bodies through cosmetics and the electromagnetic radiation we get exposed to through airplane travel, WIFI, mobile phone signals, microwaves for cooking, bluetooth, IoT devices, etc.
  3. Then we have pathogens, which was the primary area that affected my health.  This is any virus or bacteria that takes up residence in our bodies.  It can include beneficial bacteria that overgrows beyond the levels where it is no longer beneficial.
  4. I listed the brain as its own area because effects from the previous three areas can affect the brain and diminish its function, and even if issues are fixed in the other three areas, the brain can still stay in a compromised state.
  5. The last area is physiology.  Physical imperfections, like a defective heart valve is genetic, or just plain wear and tear on the joints is epigenetic,  are sources for health issues.

My Online Footprint And Where Else To Find Me

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