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My Professional Background

My focus is consumer products and with partners, took one company to $100 million, another to $50 million, a third to $25 million and my current company is niche focused in 6-figures.

Previous to these companies, I sold one technology company and crashed two other startups.

My specialty is developing, launching and growing consumer products through a roadmap I have come to call my “Growth Stack”.  This has and continues to be my preferred way to grow because in my experience, it requires the least amount of investment and the least amount of risk, and has the potential to provide much faster, more robust and sustainable growth. I teach it in a free workshop open to anyone.

I want to leverage my knowledge and experience into helping other startups grow, but I do not want to be an investor.

My preference is to be an operator and get involved in the strategy, tactics and minutia of growing a company.

So I created a startup incubator and structured it in a way that allows me to help other startups using my Growth Stack and lets me continue to be the operator that I want.

My Personal Background

I have a passion for health, wellness and the outdoors live on a farm where my wife and I produce food for personal consumption and my pet product’s company.

But good health has been a struggle for me due to genetic variants that predipose me to pathogen over-growths. This has wreaked havoc with my immune and metabolic systems over the years.

As medical science has caught up to my issues, I have been able to dramatically improve, although I have severe limitations in what I can eat and have to be careful about the environments I travel through.

More About My Tagline, “All Or Nothing”

When starting a company or training for a race, it’s common accepted wisdom to give it your all.

I am not talking about “all” in a quantitative sense – like hours you spend, miles you ride or resources you commit – although that is important. There is a deeper level of “all” that comes from knowing oneself and feeling the freedom to express oneself in all aspects of life.

God created me, and each one of us, with a unique set of talents and strengths that no one else has.

Some of those were embedded from birth, while others developed and evolved based on the unique experiences of our individual lives.

“All” to me means finding out what those talents and strengths are, in the context of how I enjoy using them, and using them without abandon.

In this way, I glorify God because as His creation, I am letting Him manifest Himself through my uniqueness.

But the great thing, too, which I have learned in my walk with God, is that I end up having loads of fun and feeling deeply rewarded.

What could be better than to please God and have fun at the same time?

But, there’s risk there too. I mean, practicing what I like to do, like starting and growing companies, which I think I am getting better at, brings in all sorts of personal, financial and career risks, doesn’t it?

Of course it does!

But, I have found that knowing oneself also means getting to know my creator who made me, and I’ve come to know that He’s there watching my back and covering me.

So, while there is risk and I will make wrong decisions, experience hardships and fail, He’s there to pull me through. That brings a level of freedom that lets me really commit to “All”.

My Online Footprint And Where Else To Find Me

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