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I am a startup and growth company expert: sold 1, built 5, and crashed 2. I develop, launch and grow consumer products through uncommon methods that can lead to more sales – faster – and can make a company and its products more appealing to consumers and resellers, with less risk. More about me here.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

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Original entry:  8/15/2017 I continue to study this area but as of yet, not done anything directly in it, other than using SAAS systems that use AI (like X.ai). But I continue to study this area for application in my work because like all tech, it is continuing to get more capable at far less [...]

How to use autoresponder sequences for all your marketing and sales

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The audio version of this post is here. Autoresponders are traditionally thought of in terms of email; you get a subscriber to your list and a series of emails goes out to them. Or, a customer buys a product so they get a series of emails, either general emails because you also put them on [...]

The North Star Metric

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Audio version of this post is here. There's something called the North Star Metric, which one can also refer to as a super metric or a super KPI (key performance indicator). I found it to be best described in this one sentence, pulled from this post: The North Star Metric is the single metric that best captures the core value that your [...]

How best can I introduce a product into the consumer market [wheat meals, oat meals and other cereals]?

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This is a Quora question I was asked to answer.  My answer is as follows. This is a high level plan I recommend based on the very general information you provided. The first thing is to determine your competitive advantages. You want to answer what will allow you to compete and win against your competitors? [...]

Who is going to win the next election (hint: its about database marketing)    

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I'm not a political junkie, but a marketing junkie, and political campaigns are really just marketing campaigns. The last two major U.S. presidential elections have been driven by database marketing, and since that is what I primarily do, I really try to follow what campaigns are doing because they are the ones always pushing the [...]

What is a list of consumer product markets/industries and their average markups?

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I see a lot of articles that highlight the industries/products with the highest markeups (e.g., glass frames, cosmetics, watches, etc.), but I’m not just looking for the highest, I’m interested in a more comprehensive list. Doesn’t seem to be transparent at all! Thanks for your help. This is a Quora question I was asked and [...]

Amazon and Whole Foods Market

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Original entry: 7/1/2017 Updated:  8/16/2017 There's much discussion about this acquisition and its impact on AMZN, WFM, consumers and competitors. I have seen no discussion about the impact on brands and manufacturers in CPG, or as of this writing, not yet. My take is this is another indication of a long-term trend in retail where [...]

The Flow of Money in a Consumer Product Company (infographic)

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The best way to think about this is a profit and loss statement, starting with revenue at the top and net income at the bottom.A customer flows from the top, acquired through marketing spend, and everything in between to deliver that product to them, with profit left over, and all the key metrics that matter [...]

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