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Everyone in consumer is trying to figure out how to play emerging CPG (<$15m in revenue)

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This is an interesting Twitter thread - play emerging CPG - which I am reposting here, via @ryan_caldbeck

Making micro-production work profitably: an example of printing labels in house rather than outsourcing

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I want to talk about micro production. For background, consumer products over the last 6 decades have largely been built on mass scale, producing as much of it as possible on a mass scale, [...]

“Newsletter” versus “Magazine” and marketing power words

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I want to do a quick post here on marketing in words and the power of words. For my pet business we've had a newsletter a monthly newsletter for a long time. It's both [...]

I’m considering on starting a drop ship ecommerce online site. What are the best products to offer?

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This is a Quora question I was asked to answer.  My response is below. There are a ton of free resources online about drop ship ecommerce. One is Drop Ship Lifestyle. Finding the best [...]

What are some barriers of entry to running a successful eCommerce business?

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This is a Quora question I was asked and my answer is as follows. My sense is that a minimum qualification for “successful” is profitable on an EBITDA basis (net profit or earnings before [...]

What is the cost to revenue ratio of an e-commerce infrastructure in the retail industry?

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This is a Quora question I was asked and my answer is as follows. For my P&L’s, I break cost up into 3-main buckets: COGS (cost of goods sold) Marketing Operations I compute COGS based [...]

How OPI is hacking Amazon and data algorithms to improve its online site

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In general, I am opposed to having Amazon transact and fulfill because you don't know who your end customer is. Essentially, you do all the work to market your product and Amazon gets your customer's [...]

The top 3 marketing SaaS tools for consumer product startups I would recommend

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This is a Quora question I was asked to answer.  My answer is as follows. I have outlined my complete technology infrastructure for consumer product companies here. Pulling from this visual, my top three are as [...]

In Guy Kawasaki speak, “jump to the next curve” to become a more valuable consumer product company

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This video tells us how Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google have become so valuable and integral to our lives. In a nutshell, their offerings get better every time someone uses them because they collect data that [...]

How much (in % of revenues) does a food and drinks wholesaler/distributor spend in logistics, meaning, paying a 3rd party to pick up and deliver the products to the retailer’s warehouse?

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This is a Quora questions that I was asked to answer. Here is my answer. That will depend on a lot of factors - your volume, distances, consistency, speed of delivery, does the product require [...]

How The Wild Honey Pie Is Reinventing The Music Festival Business

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There are two things this company is doing. One is using events to create an emotional connection between the product - music - and the end consumer.   Events provide experiences, and experiences are what touch [...]

Notes from the AI frontier: Applications and value of deep learning

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This is an excellent article summarizing the different branches of AI, where they are most applicable, and use cases. I copied out parts of the article and pasted below that are relevant to consumer products. [...]

How I use my customer data to help me retain my customers and maximize customer lifetime value

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In general, I have found that it is at least five times cheaper to retain a customer than acquire a new one. But often that multiple is higher. I know this because I maintain detailed [...]

Sephora’s Lawsuit With Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Is a Staggering Case Study in How Beauty Products Are Sold

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I've not yet worked directly in the beauty industry, but know it is pretty tough.  This article has some great insight and intelligence into tradespend and margin requirements to sell retail.

Growing and Scaling a Successful eCommerce Business: The Ultimate Guide

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This post is nicely put together with lots of useful information. It is not complete or an ultimate guide by any stretch, as there are more pieces I would add, but still very well done.

Creating and using a production log for producing a consumer product

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I want to use this post to run through how I encapsulate all key information for a product production run into a Google Sheet.  You can use Excel, but I prefer Sheets as it [...]

My ecommerce sales funnel results

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Background on my ecommerce sales funnel Ecommerce sales funnels are designed to guide a consumer through the purchase process and present them with value-added offers that compliment their existing purchase before they checkout. I [...]

7 Fundamental Content Marketing Frameworks to Drive Traffic, Improve SEO, and Build Community

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This is an overview of major content marketing strategies.  It is a good primer to help orient you if you use content to help market your brand.