What is the advertising to sales ratio investors will look for in a direct to consumer e-commerce startup?

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This is a Quora question I was asked to answer. Do you mean the return on ad spend ratio (ROAS)? I have never heard of “advertising to sales” ratio, but it probably means the same thing (revenue or sales divided by advertising spend…not to include media development costs or technology costs, just the costs to [...]

How much of a role does the packaging of a product play in its sales?

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This is a Quora question I was asked to answer.  My answer is as follows. From a functional perspective, yes. But that I think everyone knows that. If you are talking about protecting the product such that when the user opens the packaging, it is what they expect, of course your packaging is important. But [...]

What is a good marketing start to sell goods in a luxury segment?

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This is a Quora question to sell goods in a luxury segment I was asked to answer.  My answer is as follows. Are you selling your own products that you created and own to consumers, or are you reselling other luxury products via a wholesale basis? I think the answer depends on which avenue you [...]

“Newsletter” versus “Magazine” and marketing power words

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I want to do a quick post here on marketing in words and the power of words. For my pet business we've had a newsletter a monthly newsletter for a long time. It's both in digital version and in print version. We've always named it newsletter and it goes out once a month. But [...]

How I use my customer data to help me retain my customers and maximize customer lifetime value

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In general, I have found that it is at least five times cheaper to retain a customer than acquire a new one. But often that multiple is higher. I know this because I maintain detailed customer transaction records and track my marketing campaign activities, costs and conversions. As a result, I work hard on my [...]

My ecommerce sales funnel results

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Background on my ecommerce sales funnel Ecommerce sales funnels are designed to guide a consumer through the purchase process and present them with value-added offers that compliment their existing purchase before they checkout. I architected and had developers build my ecommerce sales funnel.  Rather than use an existing solution, I went this route because [...]

How relevant is TV as an advertising medium for FMCG/CPG marketers (brand managers)?

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This is a Quora question I was asked to answer. Absolutely yes, but I need to qualify my answer with more details to back that up. First, my focus is building consumer product startups, not managing large brands. So, I really have no clue if brand advertising is relevant or not because I have almost [...]

Retention marketing methods for consumer product companies

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I am a big believer in retention marketing because it works. Retention marketing is marketing you do to customers you have acquired through past purchases. It is also far cheaper to retain customers than to acquire new ones - like 5 to 25 times cheaper, depending upon your industry. My personal experience is that it [...]

What is the minimum statistically significant sample size for a direct mail campaign?

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This is a Quora question I was asked and here is my answer. That will depend on additional data. Do a search for a sample size calculator and you will probably see a lot of options where you can plug in your assumptions to give you the minimum sample size needed. Optimizely has a quick and easy [...]

Product reviews: we need them to sell, but we have to sell first to get them…what is a startup to do?

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It's the classic chicken or the egg...which came first.  We need product reviews to sell, but how do we get them if we have not sold?  Unfortunately, product reviews have been completely distorted in the marketplace from their original intent: The review has nothing to do with using it to improve products or offerings, which is [...]