Retention marketing methods for consumer product companies

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I am a big believer in retention marketing because it works. Retention marketing is marketing you do to customers you have acquired through past purchases. It is also far cheaper to retain customers than to acquire new ones - like 5 to 25 times cheaper, depending upon your industry. My personal experience is that it [...]

What is the minimum statistically significant sample size for a direct mail campaign?

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This is a Quora question I was asked and here is my answer. That will depend on additional data. Do a search for a sample size calculator and you will probably see a lot of options where you can plug in your assumptions to give you the minimum sample size needed. Optimizely has a quick and easy [...]

Product reviews: we need them to sell, but we have to sell first to get them…what is a startup to do?

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It's the classic chicken or the egg...which came first.  We need product reviews to sell, but how do we get them if we have not sold?  Unfortunately, product reviews have been completely distorted in the marketplace from their original intent: The review has nothing to do with using it to improve products or offerings, which is [...]

How to use autoresponder sequences for all your marketing and sales

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Autoresponders are traditionally thought of in terms of email; you get a subscriber to your list and a series of emails goes out to them. Or, a customer buys a product so they get a series of emails, either general emails because you also put them on your list, or specific emails related to their [...]

Who is going to win the next election (hint: its about database marketing)    

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I'm not a political junkie, but a marketing junkie, and political campaigns are really just marketing campaigns. The last two major U.S. presidential elections have been driven by database marketing, and since that is what I primarily do, I really try to follow what campaigns are doing because they are the ones always pushing the [...]

Review of Internet Trends 2017 Report in context of consumer products

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I reviewed this year's report and extracted pieces of data important to consumer product brands selling to consumers direct or through resellers. Here they are. Global internet users = 3.4 bil at 10% per year growth.  The market to sell online continues to grow, especially in developing and frontier markets, so digital products can [...]

What is an effective way of creating a brand?

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I want to create a premium accessories brand. Our products will be hand made from the highest quality materials. I have already created the designs of the products, but I wanted to hear about the different ways of creating a brand and standing out? This is a Quora question I was asked and here is [...]

How to know you are pushing the edge with your marketing

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This landed in my inbox recently. A disgruntled email subscriber was not happy...and you can tell because they have multiple misspellings in their response...a possible clear sign of frustration. I don't get these very often and wish I did.  People will just unsubscribe and that is the end of it.  But this is valuable feedback [...]

Recent spikes in email marketing click through rate

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My last two emails sent to my list saw spikes in click through rates on one link in each email. Both links led to entertainment-based content with a short video. On seeing this, I reviewed all the performance stats on emails sent to my list in the last year and did not see anything near [...]