What factors should I consider in deciding which product size to first launch?

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This is a Quora question I was asked to answer. You are going to generally size based on the competing products already available to consumers. The reason is because that is what consumers expect and in many cases, supply chain, warehousing, e-commerce operations and store shelves are already optimized for the sizing sold. If you [...]

I’m considering on starting a drop ship ecommerce online site. What are the best products to offer?

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This is a Quora question I was asked to answer.  My response is below. There are a ton of free resources online about drop ship ecommerce. One is Drop Ship Lifestyle. Finding the best products is the million dollar question. But you find these products using many tools and processes to help, one of [...]

What do I need to know if I want to be an egg distributor (especially) in South Jakarta?

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I have a counter in pasar pd labu and currently thinking to have an egg distribution business.what are the things i should know before hand? e.g : where can i get source of egg? (agent/breeder) what kind of egg do i need to get? (i’ve heard padang egg, blitar egg) how’s the price fluctuation work? [...]

Early stage research steps for selling an online training product

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Tips in this video: The best source I have found for learning internet marketing of information products is Russell Brunson; Get bearings by finding out the current best-selling competitors on the market - try Clickbank: Check them out at a high level to get idea of their pricing, offering and landing page setup [...]

We have a great idea with many different ways to deliver it as a product, so which product do we roll with first?

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Tips from the video are below. Let the market decide through research: What is outcome our customer wants from our product? Where do they want to go with our product? Where do we want to take them? Brainstorm all the different ways in which we can deliver this outcome. Find out who is [...]

How we plan to position this product in a stagnant market in the home outdoor segment

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Our research summary and plan for how to position a product in a stagnant market.  Download the research summary and plan from the link provided at the end of the video.

Research negative sentiment before landing on a brand name

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You may like a product’s potential name, value statements and positioning keywords, but is there any negative sentiment associated with the name or words you are using?  Here are some research tools I use to help me.

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