Making microproduction work profitably: an example of printing labels in house rather than outsourcing

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I want to talk about micro production. For background, consumer products over the last 6 decades have largely been built on mass scale, producing as much of it as possible on a mass scale, which drives economies of scale down and drives costs down to serve mass markets. That has worked up until the [...]

How much (in % of revenues) does a food and drinks wholesaler/distributor spend in logistics, meaning, paying a 3rd party to pick up and deliver the products to the retailer’s warehouse?

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This is a Quora questions that I was asked to answer. Here is my answer. That will depend on a lot of factors - your volume, distances, consistency, speed of delivery, does the product require cooling, how is it packaged (case and pallet configurations), carrier, etc. For 8+ figures in annual sales, I have gotten [...]

Creating and using a production log for producing a consumer product

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I want to use this post to run through how I encapsulate all key information for a product production run into a Google Sheet.  You can use Excel, but I prefer Sheets as it is easier to use when cross-linking, as I explain in this post. You can access the template used in this [...]

Resource Security

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Successfully marketing and selling a product is the goal. but you need to make sure you think through and plan for resource security - a reliable supply of your product's raw materials in order to be successful. Not being able to meet demand because of supply chain issues is just as bad as not having [...]

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