Database architecture for operations, covering accounting, inventory, facilities and human resources

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I built my own customized to my specific needs.  The embedded doc outlines the objects and fields.

Data science strategy for CPG and consumer product companies: what is it, why all companies (including startups) need it and how to develop one

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In this post I am providing specific instructions for setting up a data science strategy for CPG and consumer product companies. It also includes the following tools: a downloadable template to use as a guide; a dataset of use cases for data in a CPG or consumer product company, to give you ideas for [...]

The top 3 marketing SaaS tools for consumer product startups I would recommend

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This is a Quora question I was asked to answer.  My answer is as follows. Content marketing, organic SEO and ecommerce. I use a Wordpress website. This platform is very conducive to creating and publishing content for content marketing and organic SEO. It can also be customized extensively and functionality extended with plugins. I augment Worpdress with Cloudflare and WP [...]

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