Book review: The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results

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This book was OK.  I give it a 3 out of 5 stars.  It was a quick read and did not really tell me anything new.  However, there is value to it because I got to see things from the author's perspective, how he thinks and how he approaches challenges and problems.  There is always [...]

Book review: Locavesting

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This book is a fairly easy read with good discussion on the various structures available for investing in local companies and businesses. Vice versa,  it also gives a startup or small company an idea of the various ways in can fund its growth from local sources.  The author includes many examples of companies that have [...]

Book review: Inquiries into the Nature of Slow Money

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The book Inquiries into the Nature of Slow Money by Woody Tasch, is full of great facts and information used to bolster the author's argument, which is the need to re-deploy our investment dollars into natural, organic, and sustainable farm and food enterprises that support local economies and food systems. The book accomplished that goal [...]

Year-end review and setting goals

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The end of the calendar year always precipitates a series of year-end todos and reviews that the wife and I do, both for the businesses and on a personal level.  They include: 1. Accounting: wrapping up any final expenses for the year for tax purposes. 2. Budget: setting next year's budget by month for each [...]

Book review: The Pumpkin Plan

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I read The Pumpkin Plan by Mike Michalowicz. I enjoyed the book and learned a few things. It was an easy and quick read, as the author's writing style is more conversational with humor mixed in. This book is specifically geared towards existing small business owners who are in the B2B service segment; that is, they sell [...]

Colorado Trail Hike – Segment 1

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Romeo and I hiked a part of segment 1 of the Colorado Trail.  We left from the trailhead at South Platte River and CO. 96.  The Google Earth KMZ file of our route is here, which includes images placed on the map where they were taken.  The images are also in the slideshow below. I [...]

South Platte River Hike to Strontia Springs Reservoir

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Sue is out of town visiting family in Minnesota, so its been Romeo and I for the long weekend.  We did a short and easy hike on Sunday.  The GPX file is here.  I also posted this hike on Everytrail and Wikiloc. Following the hike, we putzed around the South Platte River area in the [...]

Colorado Trail hike from the South Platte River trailhead

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Sue and I did a 7-mile hike with Romeo recently along a section of the Colorado Trail.  I mapped out our hike in this KMZ file (image below).  We were walking in and out of the Buffalo Fire burn area, whose boundaries I also drew on the map.     Here's a few images from [...]

Pike National Forest Wildfire Burn Areas

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Here's some geeky map stuff.  Sue and I did a hike recently through some wildfire burn area.  I had thought it was part of the Hayman fire, but I did some research and it was the Buffalo Creek fire area. I put together a Google Earth map of the wildfire burn areas in the Pike [...]

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