What are a few up-and-coming CPG startups in the US? Is there a list or organization of any kind for CPG startups vs the well-established guys?


This is a Quora question.  My answer is as follows.

AngelList and http://F6s.com have fairly comprehensive lists of startups. Although more heavily weighted towards tech, you will still find CPG’s.

https://www.f6s.com/programs looks like it has a comprehensive list of accelerator programs that startups can apply to. Some funds are CPG focused and you can go to their websites to see individual prospects.

As mentioned by Bukola Ekundayo, CircleUp is CPG focused, but for somewhat larger prospects that may be past angel round and in their series A round.

There are probably many local networking groups in cities. An example is http://NaturallyBoulder.com, which is natural product focused in Boulder. CO, with members from the local CPG startup scene. It is harder to find groups like this because they are not listed in any directory that I know of.

I post what I see and do in consumer products. But I am just one person with my own perspective. I want your opinion and observations from your point of view. Please comment below so I and others can learn. Thank you!

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