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Before you contact me, please do the following first, as it may answer your questions and give you more context about what I know and how I grow companies.

  1. Learn the best growth approach for consumer product startups and product launches, a workshop in slideshare and text format freely open to everyone. This approach – what I call the Growth Stack – is my road map for how to successfully develop, launch and grow a consumer product company.
  2. Review my free content structured around my roadmap. You can also do text searches via the dialog box top right and check the sitemap for a complete listing of my content. I have also organized my content as follows:
    1. Micro Content:  includes limited commentary on current articles and news I come across that I find relevant for consumer product startups.
    2. Long Form Content: includes posts that are generally very tactical and how-to, related to developing, launching and growing a consumer product company using my roadmap.
    3. Outlook:  the big picture stuff I see and work on that drives my activities in developing, launching and growing a consumer product company using my  roadmap.
    4. Visuals:  consolidates the infographics and diagrams that I include in my posts.
    5. Downloads:  consolidates the downloads I make available in my posts.
    6. Workshops: where I teach about developing, launching and growing a consumer product company using my roadmap.
    7. Email:  My emails roll up recent content updates to my website with some personal commentary included. Please subscribe to my list from the footer of any page.
  3. If you want more help on implementing my road map described in the workshop above into your startup, subscribe for access to my Lean & Agile Framework, which is a large knowledgebase organized to take a startup from idea to $50 million in annual sales using the above road map. My Framework is the operating manual to executing on the road map covered in the workshop above.
  4. If you feel you still need more one-on-one help, I have a startup incubator designed to give you one-on-one with me based on using my road map and Lean & Agile Framework. Review that here.