Since most of my long-form posts are tactical and very how-to driven, there may be methodologies, processes, tools, spreadsheets, diagrams, resource lists, research or data that I make available for download as part of those posts, which is consolidated on this page.

Making micro-production work profitably: an example of printing labels in house rather than outsourcing

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I want to talk about micro production. For background, consumer products over the last 6 decades have largely been built on mass scale, producing as much of it as possible on a mass scale, [...]

“Newsletter” versus “Magazine” and marketing power words

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I want to do a quick post here on marketing in words and the power of words. For my pet business we've had a newsletter a monthly newsletter for a long time. It's both [...]

Creating and using a production log for producing a consumer product

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I want to use this post to run through how I encapsulate all key information for a product production run into a Google Sheet.  You can use Excel, but I prefer Sheets as it [...]

Marketing campaign goal metrics model: a simplified version of the most important financial model for any consumer product company

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The ultimate goal in any company... to acquire AND retain customers where costs to acquire and retain are less than expenses, which leads to profits. Boiled down to this single statement, then the most [...]

One method for determining channel margins when you are not able to talk with industry insiders

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This post answers this question I received on Quora: Does the manufacturer of robotic kits for kids have a potential to enter markets overseas by offering a 50% discount on MSRP to importers? Will the [...]

The Flow of Money in a Consumer Product Company (infographic)

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The best way to think about this is a profit and loss statement, starting with revenue at the top and net income at the bottom. A customer flows from the top, acquired through marketing [...]

When is the right time to Kickstarter or crowdfund your consumer product company

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I have not done any hard core research into the success or growth track of companies following a successful Kickstarter, Indigogo or other crowdfund campaign. But anecdotally, this is what I have observed.  And this [...]

What is Tradespend?

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Tradespend is the amount that a manufacturer/vendor spends to promote a product in-store.  Typical in-store promotion vehicles include discounts/coupons and supporting ads in a retailer's circular. However, in the industry, tradespend is [...]

How are FMCG profit margins distributed across the supply chain?

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Working from SRP (Suggested Retail Price) backwards, I see the following for FMCG profit margins: Anchor price/SRP: Start with SRP to your most expensive channel - which represents your top-most anchor price. The markup from you [...]