Since most of my long-form posts are tactical and very how-to driven, there may be methodologies, processes, tools, spreadsheets, diagrams, resource lists, research or data that I make available for download as part of those posts, which is consolidated on this page.

What are the top KPIs for CPG companies?

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The KPIs for CPG  depend on the channels sold. If sold direct-to-consumer, the top metrics I track include: Marketing spend; Message engagement rates (email, social views, social shares, hashtags, etc); Click throughs; Conversions; Average Order [...]

Technology infrastructure for consumer product companies (infographic)

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This is a technology infrastructure for consumer product companies, which is what I use. I update it regularly based on new tools I find or old ones I no longer use. All the software [...]

Do I spend the $50,000 on this TV commercial or not? Analyzing a TV commercial opportunity with simple metrics

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This is a question from a business acquaintance: I've been approached by a network and their TV show about featuring our line in a commercial as part of an episode. The rub is that they [...]

What are Whole Foods Market markup/margin numbers?

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This is a question I received via a discussion thread and I am reposting my contributions to the thread here. As a rule of thumb, is always a 50% margin. If selling through UNFI, Tree, [...]

Brand Development and Management Made Practicable

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A brand is the sum of all facets, features and characteristics of a company, both good and bad, which are a result of the company's interactions with suppliers, manufacturers, service providers, distributors, resellers, employees, customers, [...]

How cost of goods sold (COGS) impacts a CPG company selling to retail

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I work predominantly with small consumer companies, especially startups and a commonality I see among them is that their COGS is really high, and how COGS impacts a CPG company selling to retail is [...]