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This page includes limited commentary on current articles and news I come across that I find relevant for consumer product startups.

Stitchfix secrets and takeaways for consumer product startups

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This graphs says it all.  Incredibly low marketing spend relative to sales.  How do they do this?  Its called retention marketing.  They manage to acquire and keep customers and remarket to those customers so effectively [...]

Overturning widely held ideas: Visual attention drawn to meaning, not what stands out

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This is really fascinating and could, as the study author says, make "a lot of people [i.e marketers...my addition] have to rethink things"  

New All-Seeing Billboard Uses Hidden Cameras to Show Ads Based on Age, Emotions

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This does not surprise me, as we've had neuromarketing through video analysis for a few years now.  Just not sure how targeted it will be to have such a huge billboard.  

A mobile chip beams data miles using almost no power

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This is potentially awesome tech that can revolutionize IoT ever more than it is now.  And it looks like it has been created and tested.  Here is the text of the email describing this breakthrough: [...]

Finally, There’s a Halfway Compelling Consumer Drone Delivery Service

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Drone delivery is the sexy news, but not what is important.  What is important about this? Consumers want speed and convenience at cheap cost. Anything that furthers those three goals will win.  When I see [...]

Rite Aid upgrades consumer product discovery and sourcing process

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What is significant of this article is not Rite Aid, but the RangeMe platform (and others like it, although RangeMe appears to be the biggest), where vendors can create profiles as a way for retailers [...]