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Micro Content

This page includes limited commentary on current articles and news I come across that I find relevant for consumer product startups.

Growing and Scaling a Successful eCommerce Business: The Ultimate Guide

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This post is nicely put together with lots of useful information. It is not complete or an ultimate guide by any stretch, as there are more pieces I would add, but still very well done.

7 Fundamental Content Marketing Frameworks to Drive Traffic, Improve SEO, and Build Community

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This is an overview of major content marketing strategies.  It is a good primer to help orient you if you use content to help market your brand.

We Analyzed 9 Of The Biggest Direct-to-Consumer Success Stories To Figure Out The Secrets to Their Growth — Here’s What We Learned

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This article looks at a few of the biggest and most successful direct-to-consumer startups. Nothing earth shattering in this analysis, but you might want to review to pull out things that speak to you about your [...]

Ecommerce Case Study: How Huckberry Went From $10,000 To $1,000,000 Revenue In 1 Year

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This is a good outdoor ecommerce startup case study that any consumer product startup, regardless of background or prior expertise, can follow.  The article is lite on the specific systems and mechanics of how to [...]

Stitchfix secrets and takeaways for consumer product startups

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This graphs says it all.  Incredibly low marketing spend relative to sales.  How do they do this?  Its called retention marketing.  They manage to acquire and keep customers and remarket to those customers so effectively [...]

Overturning widely held ideas: Visual attention drawn to meaning, not what stands out

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This is really fascinating and could, as the study author says, make "a lot of people [i.e marketers...my addition] have to rethink things"