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Content Posts

New posts I published.

University Updates

My learning platform for early-stage B2C/B2B2C/DTC startups.

Knowledge Board Posts

I post current strategies and tactics working in the marketplace as well as other key news and trends.

  • I am adding Online Gaming as a distribution channel to the distribution dataset based on this article.  Gaming and the beginning stages of the metaverse that we see through gaming is clearly a channel to sell products.
  • Browsing e-commerce:  this article profiles how what it is and how successful it has been in China, and China is ahead of the US in e-commerce so it will probably follow to the US and other markets.
  • Gen Z trends report See here.
  • Neuralink/Chip-in-your-brain: Major second and third order disruptions when this happens – but a long way off.  Interesting downstream disruptions that come to mind with a chip-in-your-brain technology, which is expected to be available within two decades. Weight loss products, pain meds, antidepressants…possibly all obsolete for people that have a chip-in-your-brain. Entire medical sectors might be rewritten – weight loss docs, psychologists, therapists, counselors.And eating habits would probably change drastically – all those carbohydrate and bad-fat laden foods might see a smaller market. Its technologies like this that can alter major industries.  That is why it is a good idea to keep track of trends and technologies to help prevent getting disrupted yourself. A few other thoughts on what kind of future products will come out of the chip-in-your head. The chip itself – the hardware- would actually improve over time through data collected on you, which with more data, means better algorithms to do exactly what your brain needs, not to mention data collected and aggregated from millions of other people, which can be used to also help you. I can imagine a revenue model is chip cost plus installation, but maybe subscription model that is like a car lease – you upgrade the hardware every few years, or subscription model that provides you with more customized algos to your needs and specific brain structure. What other products would this chip-in-your-head spawn?  I can imagine a whole new class of software development to create algos and programs that do specific things in your head.  Who is best positioned to do this now?  What should entrepreneurs be doing now to be able to take advantage of this chip-in-the-head when fully realized?   I have updated these ideas to my Trends dataset and my business ideas dataset.
  • Average conversion rates by product category (2020); Some data here to help benchmark against.
  • Good summary of the latest database types (2020) See here
  • Pay per click trends (2020): automation, AI, smart bidding See here
  • E-commerce benchmarks (2020) See report here
  • This report covers breakthrough and disruptive technologies and good to review to let you think about how your company will be affected both positively and negatively by these trends and how you might leverage these trends to your advantage

Data Platform Updates

Investments Portal

My online platform for researching and tracking my private and public company investments.

Trends Dataset

  • Metaverse: Read here for more about it.  A long way off but some beginnings through gaming
  • Rare Earths: Growth expected to double 2020-2030
  • Energy storage (batteries): Next 10 yrs battery innovation will accelerate; growth at 100 times current capacity over that same time frame; Starting in 2030 battery deployment will accelerate. See here for more.

Focus Dataset

  • Air filtration/Air Conditioning: early-stage companies in this space pioneering development in this space: SkyCool Systems, LIGC, Treau, Transaera
  • Plastic alternatives:  early-stage companies in this space include Footprint and Notpla

Narratives Dataset

  • MLP’s in the basement but may go even lower.  Good prospects to jump into when more clarity with COVID vaccines include KYN and EPD.
  • OLED displays – sleeper category that shows incredibly growth potential. See here.
  • U.S. Wind and Solar Installations Are Smashing Records (and stocks on a tear), but the trend may not last due to expiring tax credit programs. See here.
  • Over 80% of the farmland in the country is owned by somebody 55 or older, and roughly half of [them are] 75 or older.  Huge transfer potential of property here.  Where is the trade here,  if any?

Business Ideas Dataset

  • Metaverse: Read here for more about it.  A long way off but some beginnings through gaming and creating digital versions of physical products to sell.
  • It’s estimated that 75 per cent of the world’s food is being made from just 12 plants and five animal species.  Seems like huge potential to add variety to this mix.

Q&A/Discussion Dataset

  • What are the and and 3rd order effects of China vs US splitting across all sectors and industries?  Tik Tok is one prime example.

Securities Investment Principles

  • Rule of 40 : Revenue growth plus profit margin should exceed 40%. Those that do have a higher valuation-to-revenue ratio.
  • Lifecycle of an investment

Companies/Decision Analysis Datasets

  • Biotech/Life sciences:  Quantgene – private company in liquid biopsy space.
  • Rare Earths:  Redwood Materials – private company that recycles electronics to extra rare earths; MP Materials –  public U.S. based company in rare earth mining.
  • Electrification: Amprius Technologies -private company  battery technology to potentially  improve performance in dramatic ways.

Basecamp InQb8r Datasets

The datasets that accompany my startup incubator.

Company Dataset

  • none this period

External Dataset

  • none this period

Workflows Dataset

  • none this period

Data Science Use Cases Dataset

  • McCormick & Co:  14K points of data on raw materials, consumer sensory data, marketing and sales data on products, which it is using to create new products faster, cheaper, that have a higher chance of success based on using the data.

Resources Dataset

  • TFG Funding Group: Debt lender able to do low amounts, like possibly 10K and up. Rates are higher to reflect risk and their origination fee is expensive at 8-12%

Vendor Dataset

  • Descript: Record. Transcribe. Edit. Mix. As easy as typing to change words without recording the audio again. Works for video as well.

Distribution Dataset

  • I am adding Online Gaming as a distribution channel to the distribution dataset based on this article.  Gaming and the beginning stages of the metaverse that we see through gaming is clearly a channel to sell products.

Visualization Dataset