Rite Aid upgrades consumer product discovery and sourcing process


What is significant of this article is not Rite Aid, but the RangeMe platform (and others like it, although RangeMe appears to be the biggest), where vendors can create profiles as a way for retailers and resellers to discover and source products.  Why is this important?  I think the discovery and sourcing process from vendor to retailer needs to get much smoother and faster.  Rather than have lengthy processes for pitching to category buyers, negotiating tradespend, completing vendor documents, complying with routing requirements and planning for opening orders, if that can be streamlined significantly almost to the point where it is like getting an order from a consumer via your e-commerce store, then it will make it much eaiser for vendors to sell product to different channels, resellers and retailers.  This way, resellers/retailers can respond to demand as needed and stock more products to meet the needs of their customers.  When you eliminate the process for how resellers/retailers work with vendors and simplify it to just a buy/sell arrangement, then it allows everyone to move faster.

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