Startup Roadmap


Core section document: Strategy:  before starting your company, achieve alignment and fit between your goals, brand pillars, category/product selection and target market

Product Development

Core section document: Product Development: develop “WOW” products that capture attention, document risks, determine COGS, pricing, profitability, apply identity and brand marketing and develop the growth strategy


Core section document: Finance:  budgeting, forecasting, P&L’s, balance sheets and capitalization tables


Core section document: Marketing:  organize the marketing of your product


Core section document: Resellers:  sell through retailers, distributors, drop shippers, affiliates and others


Core section document: Support: human resources, insurance, regulatory, legal and other miscellaneous items.

Charts, Graphs and Visuals

Interesting charts, graphs and other visuals, either from my own datasets or that I find elsewhere which I make available in my public content.  Please go to this page.