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Startup Incubator For Consumer Product Companies

Why I Developed My Startup Incubator

I see so many startups and product launches that waste money, time or outright fail because they use the wrong growth strategy.

  • An option for startups to learn how to grow is to hire advisors or consultants.  But this requires money which most startups have little of and which they need to drive growth in sales.
  • They could network among their peers, but seriously, going to meetings and developing relationships takes time, which is money.
  • They could try to raise money from angels, private equity or venture capitalist to hire the talent or give them the runway to learn as they go, but that takes time and money by itself, and unless they have a blockbuster idea or have done it before, the chances of landing investment is low.
  • They could apply to accelerators who often have education components included, which is a great option for very early-stage startups. But that also takes time and money and can mean relocating, which in my experience pretty much excludes most people who are not single and over 35.
  • But there is competition to apply for funding from accelerators, and again, without a blockbuster product and some prior experience, that chances of landing investment is low.
  • Or, they could just plow forward and make mistakes and hope that their mistakes do not outlast their cash to get their company to profitability or through the next round of investment.  This is mostly what I see, which leads to unnecessary struggles and failures.

In my opinion, all of these are not the best approaches to grow.

In my experience, what pre-idea or early stage startups (and even later stage startups) need is to quickly learn the best growth strategy for a consumer product company, so that from the start, they are making better decisions that can dramatically increases their chances of success.

If they could get this education before they launch or very early on on their growth, with minimal time investment on their part, and $0 or minimal out-of-pocket cost, that could dramatically increase their chances for success because they are saving their valuable time and money to grow

If they did not have to relocate or attend meetings or sessions or network,  they would be minimizing the time and disruption to learn so they could save for their startup.

And, if they stayed away from expensive advisors and consultants early on, they could save this precious money for actually driving growth in sales.

The Foundation For My Startup Incubator

My incubator teaches and supports my Growth Stack.

My Growth Stack is my approach to growth that in my experience, requires the least amount of investment and the least amount of risk, and has the potential to provide much faster, more robust and sustainable growth.

I have used this approach exclusively since 2007 and with it, accomplished the following with my partners:

  1. Took a food company to $50 mm and 32 K retail outlets inside 18 months and profitable;
  2. Took an education company $25 m inside 3 years and profitable;
  3. Took a supplement company to $100 mm inside 18-months and profitable;
  4. Currently working on a pet products company that is at 6-figures in annual revenue and very profitable.

My approach works with any size company. If you want to stay small, it will work, if you want to grow big, it will work.

How to Apply For My Startup Incubator and What You Get

All Startups must attend my workshop, where I teach the basics about my Growth Stack.  It is important to learn my Growth Stack first to make sure it is a fit for you and your company, which is what my incubator is designed to support. My workshop is in text format and accessible at any time.

I have several levels of participation in my incubator.

The first level is where you access the content in my incubator on a paid basis.  I have priced out full access to the incubator content as well as access to individual sections from this page.

The second level is a non-cash approach where I take equity in your company in exchange for access.

To get full details on benefits, costs and how to apply for access to this level, please view my workshop. My workshop is in text format and accessible at any time.

My incubator does not currently provide monetary investment.  There are many investment options already for very early stage startups and I don’t currently see the need to duplicate that.

My incubator is designed to put your startup in the right position to be able to raise money (which I can also help you do).  The only way that can happen is to first focus on doing the right things at an early stage that lead to success.  If you follow my Growth Stack approach and get traction and success, then raising money will be a lot easier.

But you may be thinking that you need money just to get out the gate.

Not necessarily.

I built my incubator specifically to help startups grow without possibly needing any investor capital.

If you are interested in my incubator, please view my workshop. My workshop is in text format and accessible at any time.