Can A.I. usher in a new era of hyper-personalized food?

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An example using AI and deep learning to create customized food products for each one us. There are huge problems with getting to this end goal, which this article does a very nice job of exploring. But this article might give you ideas for how to incorporate AI and deep learning into your efforts.

D.I.Y. Artificial Intelligence Comes to a Japanese Family Farm

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I have yet to find specific uses for AI/machine learning in my businesses, but it remains a strategic area that I keep front and center along with a few others (more here: But here is an excellent application of AI by a small consumer product company.

Snapchat’s new AI could completely change the way we watch live events

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Snapchat has never really impressed me and they deserve their public market drubbing. But this is really cool tech they have come up with. Extrapolate this to be used at any event where many people are present - concerts, speeches, sports, etc. Why is this important? Let tech companies come up with the tech, and [...]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

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Original entry:  8/15/2017 Content added 5/8/2018 I continue to study this area but as of yet, not done anything directly in it, other than using SAAS systems that use AI (like But I continue to study this area for application in my work because like all tech, it is continuing to get more capable [...]