Why do businesses redesign their product packaging?

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This is a Quora question I was asked to answer. There are a few reasons: Help differentiate the brand better against competitors. You want to capture attention so you use packaging to do that, and if you look like everyone else, then it is hard to do that. Take a walk down a retail aisle [...]

Pemmican Food Startup #1: Organizing high level ideas and setting initial list of tasks and goals

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This post is part of an ongoing documentary I am publishing on my progress for developing, launching and growing a food startup.  I am using my Growth Stack roadmap and my Lean & Agile Framework, tools I have published online at my startup incubator to help consumer product startups. For the overview of this [...]

Product reviews: we need them to sell, but we have to sell first to get them…what is a startup to do?

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It's the classic chicken or the egg...which came first.  We need product reviews to sell, but how do we get them if we have not sold?  Unfortunately, product reviews have been completely distorted in the marketplace from their original intent: The review has nothing to do with using it to improve products or offerings, which is [...]

Research negative sentiment before landing on a brand name

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You may like a product’s potential name, value statements and positioning keywords, but is there any negative sentiment associated with the name or words you are using?  Here are some research tools I use to help me.

Do I spend the $50,000 on this TV commercial or not? Analyzing a TV commercial opportunity with simple metrics

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This is a question from a business acquaintance: I've been approached by a network and their TV show about featuring our line in a commercial as part of an episode. The rub is that they want a $50k "scheduling fee" from us in order to do the segment. This would be a big bet for [...]

Brand Development and Management Made Practicable

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A brand is the sum of all facets, features and characteristics of a company, both good and bad, which are a result of the company's interactions with suppliers, manufacturers, service providers, distributors, resellers, employees, customers, the general public, owners/investors – basically, every stakeholder to the company. Brand development and management can get complex and consume [...]

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