What factors should I consider in deciding which product size to first launch?

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This is a Quora question I was asked to answer. You are going to generally size based on the competing products already available to consumers. The reason is because that is what consumers expect and in many cases, supply chain, warehousing, e-commerce operations and store shelves are already optimized for the sizing sold. If you [...]

How do you find customers who will pay the highest price for your products?

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This is a Quora question I was asked to answer. Here’s how I would go about finding customers who will pay the highest price for my products. Direct-to-consumer (DTC) The first thing I would do is create high quality products that customers will rave about. I would create a highly polished brand that looks good [...]

What is a list of consumer product markets/industries and their average markups?

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I see a lot of articles that highlight the industries/products with the highest markeups (e.g., glass frames, cosmetics, watches, etc.), but I’m not just looking for the highest, I’m interested in a more comprehensive list. Doesn’t seem to be transparent at all! Thanks for your help. This is a Quora question I was asked and [...]

The correct way and the specific equation to use to determine markups and margin for resellers and retailers

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I got this question emailed to me by Marty: I'm looking to find out the typical pricing markups (margins) for plastic storage containers, from manufacturing through retail. I came across your post on Quora (dated 3/16) which was helpful, but I had trouble understanding some of it. Wondering if you could clarify through an example, [...]

What is Tradespend?

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Tradespend is the amount that a manufacturer/vendor spends to promote a product in-store.  Typical in-store promotion vehicles include discounts/coupons and supporting ads in a retailer's circular. However, in the industry, tradespend is the term used to describe all the costs associated with selling to a retailer.  Here is a general list of [...]

A ballpark guide to relative sales of items by retail channel

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Assume sales of items by retail channel in units per week per retail door. Grocery: Baseline channel Natural/Specialty:  2.5 x grocery Drug: 1 x grocery Mass: 10 x grocery Club: 20 x grocery C-store: 3 x grocery

Why You Should Not Sell to Whole Foods Market

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Everyone wants to sell to Whole Foods Market. At least in my world of consumer products, most companies I come across who sell food and are not selling to Whole Foods Market, want to. I admit that Whole Foods Market has a great reputation and associating with them as vendors can elevate their brand to [...]

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