Pemmican Food Startup #1: Organizing high level ideas and setting initial list of tasks and goals

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This post is part of an ongoing documentary I am publishing on my progress for developing, launching and growing a food startup.  I am using my Growth Stack roadmap and my Lean & Agile Framework, tools I have published online at my startup incubator to help consumer product startups. For the overview of this [...]

Growing by bypassing online sales and instead, just selling through retail (even though I dislike doing it this way)

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Why I dislike launching a product direct in retail, instead of selling online first, and some tips if I can only launch a product this way. Video Transcription I really dislike going straight to retail or through other resellers. Sell online direct to consumer first because you can start small and test [...]

How are wholesale prices determined?

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This is a Quora question I was asked to answer.  Here is my answer. There are many different ways to set wholesale prices and anyone that does that will probably have their own nuances and rules of thumb they follow. For most product categories, consumers will compare you to competitive offerings, as they need a [...]

How can I thrive in online marketing in textile / fabric?

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This is a Quora question I was asked.  Here is my answer. Since I do not know who your customer is, I will give you a more general answer that may help you regardless if you sell products to other manufacturers, wholesale for retail sale, direct-to-consumer, or all of the above. I would search for [...]

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