Making microproduction work profitably: an example of printing labels in house rather than outsourcing

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I want to talk about micro production. For background, consumer products over the last 6 decades have largely been built on mass scale, producing as much of it as possible on a mass scale, which drives economies of scale down and drives costs down to serve mass markets. That has worked up until the [...]

What is the average price of an item at the grocery store and the average gross margin?

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There is no real way that I know of to find an average, and I could be wrong about that.  Certainly you might find some analyst reports on public companies in a certain product category where it makes sense to assemble these averages, but for private companies, I do not know how you could assemble [...]

Separate investment costs from your operating costs in the profit and loss statement

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This article talks about how to separate investment costs from your operating costs in the profit and loss statement so that you have good numbers from which to make meaningful analysis. P&L Cost Buckets In my P&L, I like to group operating costs into the following buckets:  COGS, marketing, and operations.  There are many expense line [...]

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