The evolving consumer product retail landscape and how consumer goods startups can best take advantage

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That's my Vizsla, Zooka at 10-months old.  He does not stop for anyone or anything, particularly when he is off-lead having a good time bounding through the snow. The evolving consumer product retail landscape is like Zooka, not stopping for anyone or anything. This post is summarizes the evolving state [...]

How much influence do places like Walmart, Costco, and Kroger have over package size of consumer products?

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This is a Quora question I was asked to answer.  My response is as follows. Quite a bit for smaller vendors, which is what I know. Probably less with larger vendors. But it also depends on how much the retailer wants the vendor’s products and what gets negotiated in the vendor agreement. And the influence [...]

How many products sold represent a good “market test” prior to taking a product to a large retailer such as Costco, Walmart or Target?

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Text of video is below. This is a Quora question I was asked and here is my answer. Actual number of products sold is not how these large retailers decide on bringing in new products. It is more about asking: Where else is the product selling and is it successful; Is the product ready [...]

What are deduct from invoice fees with retailers?

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A question that I was recently asked is what are deduct from invoice fees with retailers? For dietary supplement products, what are deduct from invoice fees associated with doing business with Walmart, Target and club stores like Sam's, Coscto and Bjs; how about for grocery chains like Safeway or drug stores like Walgreens? To clarify [...]

How small brands can sell to Costco

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Costco is considered a higher-end club retailer and vendors in the natural/organic/LOHAS category can sell to Costco.  Small CPG vendors that do not have national advertising or a substantial brand name behind their product may still have the opportunity to get their product in Costco. That can happen through the Special Events program, also called the [...]

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