Updates from Ed Soehnel: 12/1/2020-12/14/2020 – from where the 2020’s FAANG companies could come

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Feature image:  Geothermal Map of North America shows just how much potential lies below the surface.  This visual and additional ones contained in my Visual Dataset. This post includes LEARNINGS, GROWTH SECRETS and INVESTMENT IDEAS.  These posts are built during the time period and sent out as emails at the end. See [...]

Data science strategy for CPG and consumer product companies: what is it, why all companies (including startups) need it and how to develop one

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In this post I am providing specific instructions for setting up a data science strategy for CPG and consumer product companies. It also includes the following tools: a downloadable template to use as a guide; a dataset of use cases for data in a CPG or consumer product company, to give you ideas for [...]

What is the mechanism behind supermarkets’ special offers?

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This is a Quora question about the mechanism behind supermarkets’ special offers I was asked and my answer is as follows. Retailer category managers have run discounts, coupons and special offers to help temporarily drive up sales and increase traffic to their store section. They use them to promote new products or to reward existing [...]

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