Retention marketing methods for consumer product companies

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I am a big believer in retention marketing because it works. Retention marketing is marketing you do to customers you have acquired through past purchases. It is also far cheaper to retain customers than to acquire new ones - like 5 to 25 times cheaper, depending upon your industry. My personal experience is that it [...]

What is the minimum statistically significant sample size for a direct mail campaign?

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This is a Quora question I was asked and here is my answer. That will depend on additional data. Do a search for a sample size calculator and you will probably see a lot of options where you can plug in your assumptions to give you the minimum sample size needed. Optimizely has a quick and easy [...]

When old is new in marketing

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Marketing is constantly evolving with new channels and vehicles to reach consumers. Technology is pretty much driving and ensuring that. But sometimes, what's old and that which no one seemingly pays attention to works the best. I've been working with a company over the last few years that operates in a pretty crowded and competitive [...]

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