Consumer product growth strategies

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This post provides a summary of consumer product growth strategies that I see, with their relative cost to successfully execute, time to successfully execute, risk of failure and manpower to execute. Predominant marketing influencing factors The three predominant marketing influencing factors are direct marketing (product centric), brand marketing (reputation centric), [...]

Do I spend the $50,000 on this TV commercial or not? Analyzing a TV commercial opportunity with simple metrics

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This is a question from a business acquaintance: I've been approached by a network and their TV show about featuring our line in a commercial as part of an episode. The rub is that they want a $50k "scheduling fee" from us in order to do the segment. This would be a big bet for [...]

How to sell to QVC

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Here's some quick points on selling to QVC.  I have never sold to HSN, although I am guessing these points can also apply there: If you do not have at least have a direct-to-consumer component to your business or are not already in some form of retail distribution, then QVC efforts may not do much [...]

How to supercharge growth in a CPG or consumer product start-up

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For this post, I will be discussing a not-so-well known way to supercharge growth in a CPG or consumer product startup, which I had the opportunity to use in a few different start-ups with great success. Which set of results would you rather have? Exhibit B is looking a heck of a lot better, isn't [...]

How do I sell to Walmart or other retail giants?

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To sell to Walmart can be boiled down to the following: Cash and Inventory Retail takes cash.  You will have to invest in product inventory that won't realize cash very soon.  Expect to pay upfront shelf fees to get your product on shelf.  It could be a combination of cash, free product to stock stores [...]

Who You Need To Help You Run A Direct Response TV, Radio, or Print Business

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This is a nuts and bolts post on operations for a DR TV/Radio/Print business for a consumer product.  It includes the pieces you need to setup and manage in order to run such a business, whether it is part of a business or is the business.  Think of these components as your team on the [...]

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