Growing and Scaling a Successful eCommerce Business: The Ultimate Guide

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This post is nicely put together with lots of useful information. It is not complete or an ultimate guide by any stretch, as there are more pieces I would add, but still very well done.

My ecommerce sales funnel results

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Background on my ecommerce sales funnel Ecommerce sales funnels are designed to guide a consumer through the purchase process and present them with value-added offers that compliment their existing purchase before they checkout. I architected and had developers build my ecommerce sales funnel.  Rather than use an existing solution, I went this route because [...]

Ecommerce Case Study: How Huckberry Went From $10,000 To $1,000,000 Revenue In 1 Year

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This is a good outdoor ecommerce startup case study that any consumer product startup, regardless of background or prior expertise, can follow.  The article is lite on the specific systems and mechanics of how to execute on these strategies and manage them.  I have already identified and use systems to do this stuff, here.  If [...]

Ecommerce penetration of fast moving consumer goods

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A general rule is that at 20% penetration for ecommerce sales in a consumer industry, that becomes the tipping point for serious disruption of offline incumbents. This slide shows us ecommerce penetration of consumer goods in select countries. Why is this important? U.S. still a ways to go, but that does not mean traditional retail is [...]

Why its hard for start-ups and small consumer product companies to secure retail shelf space

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Despite the explosive growth of online e-commerce and its widespread use for buying and selling products, selling products through retailers continues to be the most important mechanism for consumer product companies to earn revenue. The problem with a consumer product company selling at retail is that it is getting harder and harder to secure retail [...]