Can A.I. usher in a new era of hyper-personalized food?

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An example using AI and deep learning to create customized food products for each one us. There are huge problems with getting to this end goal, which this article does a very nice job of exploring. But this article might give you ideas for how to incorporate AI and deep learning into your efforts.

Book review: Inquiries into the Nature of Slow Money

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The book Inquiries into the Nature of Slow Money by Woody Tasch, is full of great facts and information used to bolster the author's argument, which is the need to re-deploy our investment dollars into natural, organic, and sustainable farm and food enterprises that support local economies and food systems. The book accomplished that goal [...]

Survive and thrive with captive customers

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There is an active military presence in the metro-Denver area of Colorado, which includes relatively frequent fly-overs by F15's and F16's. Most of the time, they are not moving that fast and you hear the sound before they pass overhead. Sometimes, they are moving really fast, and once-in-a-while, they are flying very low and moving awfully fast. When [...]

Recommendations for this early stage food start-up

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This post presents a small CPG brand that I recently met.  What follows are the facts I know about the company, its current state and my recommendations. Company This company is 6 months old with four founders who serve as the sole employees.  They work for other companies and are growing this opportunity in their [...]