The 3 problem areas every consumer product startup encounters and how to prepare to overcome them

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There are 3 problem areas every consumer product startup encounters.  But there are ways to overcome them if you think ahead and build those solutions into your growth strategy. Problem #1:  Product-Market Fit This is the most classic problem every startup encounters. Does your product and it's benefits or outcomes it provides, fit with the [...]

When multiple growth opportunities distract – part II

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I wrote a post on this topic and want to add a few additional thoughts. I am working with three different businesses who are seeing great growth opportunities.  Two have recently been approached by investors, even though neither is raising money at this time.  All three have too many opportunities coming at them and are [...]

Why its hard for start-ups and small consumer product companies to secure retail shelf space

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Despite the explosive growth of online e-commerce and its widespread use for buying and selling products, selling products through retailers continues to be the most important mechanism for consumer product companies to earn revenue. The problem with a consumer product company selling at retail is that it is getting harder and harder to secure retail [...]

25 CPG startups present at Pitch Slam event

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I watched 25 CPG startups present at the Pitch Slam event put on by Naturally Boulder, a networking group for the organic/natural/sustainable segment. Pitch Slam - what a great name - started at 2:30 and ended at 5:00, followed by the dinner event that included pitches by the finalists and selection of the winner. Overall, [...]

How This CPG food company gets to the next level

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This post presents a small CPG food company that I recently met.  What follows are the facts I know about the company, its struggles and my recommendations. Company This company is 4 years old with the founder as sole employee.  He is also the product inventor. Product Innovation There are 6 consumer retail products that [...]

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