What is a list of consumer product markets/industries and their average markups?

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I see a lot of articles that highlight the industries/products with the highest markeups (e.g., glass frames, cosmetics, watches, etc.), but I’m not just looking for the highest, I’m interested in a more comprehensive list. Doesn’t seem to be transparent at all! Thanks for your help. This is a Quora question I was asked and [...]

The correct way and the specific equation to use to determine markups and margin for resellers and retailers

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I got this question emailed to me by Marty: I'm looking to find out the typical pricing markups (margins) for plastic storage containers, from manufacturing through retail. I came across your post on Quora (dated 3/16) which was helpful, but I had trouble understanding some of it. Wondering if you could clarify through an example, [...]

A ballpark guide to relative sales of items by retail channel

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Assume sales of items by retail channel in units per week per retail door. Grocery: Baseline channel Natural/Specialty:  2.5 x grocery Drug: 1 x grocery Mass: 10 x grocery Club: 20 x grocery C-store: 3 x grocery

What are deduct from invoice fees with retailers?

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A question that I was recently asked is what are deduct from invoice fees with retailers? For dietary supplement products, what are deduct from invoice fees associated with doing business with Walmart, Target and club stores like Sam's, Coscto and Bjs; how about for grocery chains like Safeway or drug stores like Walgreens? To clarify [...]

Retail CPG Grocery Categories

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Below are grocery categories useful for determining where you can sell in a retail location. This is a list of traditional retail CPG grocery categories found in food markets. Baby Beer, Wine & Spirits Beverages:  tea, coffee, soda, juice, Kool-Aid, hot chocolate, water, etc. Bread & Bakery Breakfast & Cereal Canned Goods & Soups Condiments/Spices [...]

Recommendations for a small established CPG food brand

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This post presents a small established CPG food brand that I recently worked on.  What follows are some general facts about the company, its current state and my recommendations. Background Company This company is a family run operation started by the current owners and is more than 10 years old. Product Innovation The company has [...]