When multiple growth opportunities distract – part II

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I wrote a post on this topic and want to add a few additional thoughts. I am working with three different businesses who are seeing great growth opportunities.  Two have recently been approached by investors, even though neither is raising money at this time.  All three have too many opportunities coming at them and are [...]

How fast should you grow your company?

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How fast should you grow your company? I get this question from to time by startup and early-stage companies. Assuming that there is demand for your product/service and the sales are there for the taking, here's my response: Competitive environment. Do you have a defensible competitive advantage, like a patent? Or, another way to look at [...]

What to do when growing your company is like pushing a 10,000 pound boulder up a hill

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A few weeks ago, I talked to two different companies.  Both were lamenting at how difficult it was in growing their company. I delved a bit into each one's respective operations.  I could not find anything major that they were doing wrong.  In fact, both businesses were growing.  One had just landed a major customer, although only [...]

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