How has your brand used consumer insights to inspire product innovation?

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This is a Quora question I was asked and my answer is as follows.  I think to use consumer insights to inspire product innovation you need to setup a process for identifying consumer insights relative to your product(s) and brand. From a high level perspective, I look at three areas to obtain research and insights. [...]

Great examples for using a strategy to attack from below

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Successful companies with well-established products are being threatened by newcomers. Winners don't lose when new rivals attack from the high-end of the market. They lose when startups attack from below.  The Innovator's Dilemma by Clayton M. Christensen The point is that when an established company weighs the cost of new technology or talent against what it already has, [...]

What to do when growing your company is like pushing a 10,000 pound boulder up a hill

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A few weeks ago, I talked to two different companies.  Both were lamenting at how difficult it was in growing their company. I delved a bit into each one's respective operations.  I could not find anything major that they were doing wrong.  In fact, both businesses were growing.  One had just landed a major customer, although only [...]

Questions to ask yourself to help you innovate in your company

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This is a list questions/statements I've assembled over the years that have really helped me to think about how to be innovative in my companies.  They are in no particular order. They might help you innovate in your company. Where is your industry/category going?  How are your consumers changing with respect to taste's, preferences and purchasing/buying [...]

When old is new in marketing

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Marketing is constantly evolving with new channels and vehicles to reach consumers. Technology is pretty much driving and ensuring that. But sometimes, what's old and that which no one seemingly pays attention to works the best. I've been working with a company over the last few years that operates in a pretty crowded and competitive [...]

Why its hard for start-ups and small consumer product companies to secure retail shelf space

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Despite the explosive growth of online e-commerce and its widespread use for buying and selling products, selling products through retailers continues to be the most important mechanism for consumer product companies to earn revenue. The problem with a consumer product company selling at retail is that it is getting harder and harder to secure retail [...]

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