Data science strategy for CPG and consumer product companies: what is it, why all companies (including startups) need it and how to develop one

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In this post I am providing specific instructions for setting up a data science strategy for CPG and consumer product companies. It also includes the following tools: a downloadable template to use as a guide; a dataset of use cases for data in a CPG or consumer product company, to give you ideas for [...]

Marketing campaign goal metrics model: a simplified version of the most important financial model for any consumer product company

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The ultimate goal in any company... to acquire AND retain customers where costs to acquire and retain are less than expenses, which leads to profits. Boiled down to this single statement, then the most important variable in the finances is the marketing spend. Even if your other expenses are high or way out of [...]

The North Star Metric

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There's something called the North Star Metric, which one can also refer to as a super metric or a super KPI (key performance indicator). I found it to be best described in this one sentence, pulled from this post: The North Star Metric is the single metric that best captures the core value that your product delivers to customers. I think the [...]

What are the top KPIs for CPG companies?

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The KPIs for CPG  depend on the channels sold. If sold direct-to-consumer, the top metrics I track include: Marketing spend; Message engagement rates (email, social views, social shares, hashtags, etc); Click throughs; Conversions; Average Order Value; Cost per click; Cost per visitor; Cost per order; Cart abandon rate; Cancels/Declines/Returns rates; Return on advertising spend (ROAS) [...]

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