Format for consumer product feedback surveys and how it can correct for problems with getting accurate and reliable data

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Here is a format for consumer product feedback surveys that I use.  I take consumer product feedback surveys with a big grain of salt, for reasons listed here. But they have been useful for me when I follow the format below. Interview Format Could be a voice call, in-person/video or over email. Interview Process Describe [...]

What do I need to know if I want to be an egg distributor (especially) in South Jakarta?

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I have a counter in pasar pd labu and currently thinking to have an egg distribution business.what are the things i should know before hand? e.g : where can i get source of egg? (agent/breeder) what kind of egg do i need to get? (i’ve heard padang egg, blitar egg) how’s the price fluctuation work? [...]

How could you use agile principles in consumer product development

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Here is how I use agile principles in consumer product development, marketing and sales: Conduct deep competitive analysis on what is already offered in the marketplace, including features, benefits, and outcomes. Find out which products are selling well through sites like - Digital World Market Intelligence Platform and through exiting online and offline distribution [...]

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