What are key success factors of new brand launch in fashion categories of cosmetic and jewelry?

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This is a Quora question I was asked and here is my answer. Based on your question, it appears you have a brand with products geared toward the fashion categories of cosmetics and jewelry. You want to know what you need to do to ensure a successful launch. In comparison to consumer products in general, [...]

What are the top KPIs for CPG companies?

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The KPIs for CPG  depend on the channels sold. If sold direct-to-consumer, the top metrics I track include: Marketing spend; Message engagement rates (email, social views, social shares, hashtags, etc); Click throughs; Conversions; Average Order Value; Cost per click; Cost per visitor; Cost per order; Cart abandon rate; Cancels/Declines/Returns rates; Return on advertising spend (ROAS) [...]

Key viability metrics for a startup CPG company

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When I look at CPG opportunities, my goal is to know the following: 1.  Is this product/idea differentiated in the marketplace and how easy is it for the competition to copy/replicate that differentiation? 2.  Does the team know what they are doing to grow the opportunity? 3.  What's the plan to get the opportunity to [...]

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