Pemmican Food Startup #2: develop alignment between the founder and the startup

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This post is part of an ongoing documentary I am publishing on my progress for developing, launching and growing a food startup.  I am using my Growth Stack roadmap and my Lean & Agile Framework, tools I have published online at my startup incubator to help consumer product startups. For the overview of this [...]

When multiple growth opportunities distract – part II

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I wrote a post on this topic and want to add a few additional thoughts. I am working with three different businesses who are seeing great growth opportunities.  Two have recently been approached by investors, even though neither is raising money at this time.  All three have too many opportunities coming at them and are [...]

Vision, mission (values), culture, goals and strategy

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This post provides high level descriptions of company vision, mission (values), culture, goals and strategy and how they are related and different from each other. Vision Your vision is the picture that you see of your business at some point in the future.  It is what your creation looks like in the future.  Three years, [...]