Is obtaining distributor pricing from a manufacturer purely based on your order volume with said manufacturer?

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This is a Quora question I was asked. My answer is below. In food/consummables, manufacturers publish their price list, which in my experience does not normally include discounts for volume-based orders. If volumes are very low, then there may be a higher cost to cover the additional administrative and logistics costs associated with smaller orders, [...]

Growing by bypassing online sales and instead, just selling through retail (even though I dislike doing it this way)

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Why I dislike launching a product direct in retail, instead of selling online first, and some tips if I can only launch a product this way. Video Transcription I really dislike going straight to retail or through other resellers. Sell online direct to consumer first because you can start small and test [...]

How are wholesale prices determined?

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This is a Quora question I was asked to answer.  Here is my answer. There are many different ways to set wholesale prices and anyone that does that will probably have their own nuances and rules of thumb they follow. For most product categories, consumers will compare you to competitive offerings, as they need a [...]

The 3 problem areas every consumer product startup encounters and how to prepare to overcome them

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There are 3 problem areas every consumer product startup encounters.  But there are ways to overcome them if you think ahead and build those solutions into your growth strategy. Problem #1:  Product-Market Fit This is the most classic problem every startup encounters. Does your product and it's benefits or outcomes it provides, fit with the [...]