Rite Aid upgrades consumer product discovery and sourcing process

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What is significant of this article is not Rite Aid, but the RangeMe platform (and others like it, although RangeMe appears to be the biggest), where vendors can create profiles as a way for retailers and resellers to discover and source products.  Why is this important?  I think the discovery and sourcing process from vendor [...]

Amazon, Walmart and the death of retail

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Two links to PDF docs I printed from pay walled websites.  Will the death of retail be the net big short? and Amazon and Wal Mart battle for retail’s future. Good articles with insights into the problems, but possible opportunities in retail.

Amazon will run a bunch of new mattress stores through this startup

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A new breed of retailer emerging, born online and this one using Amazon’s fulfillment capabilities to deliver direct to consumer. Why is this important? Retail is not dieing or dead, just changing to favor those with online capabilities already built and where moving offline becomes easy. This is an interesting way to use Amazon’s FBA/Fulfillment [...]

Can China and the Internet Save American Small Business?

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It is becoming increasingly possible and important for small U.S. consumer product companies to sell into overseas markets. Given the demographic challenges and other economic dynamics of the U.S. market, growth in the future will not happen to the scale that is possible in other countries, like China, but more so, India and the middle [...]

How can a local retail store survive, or prosper, in the age of superstores and the Internet market?

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This is a Quora question I was asked and here is my answer. I don't work in retail, but sell to retailers, so I can only talk from this perspective.   In addition, while I predominantly sell direct-to-consumer with my products, with one of my companies, I have location-based sales that while not pure retail, [...]

Review of Internet Trends 2017 Report in context of consumer products

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I reviewed this year's report and extracted pieces of data important to consumer product brands selling to consumers direct or through resellers. Here they are. Global internet users = 3.4 bil at 10% per year growth.  The market to sell online continues to grow, especially in developing and frontier markets, so digital products can [...]

The correct way and the specific equation to use to determine markups and margin for resellers and retailers

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I got this question emailed to me by Marty: I'm looking to find out the typical pricing markups (margins) for plastic storage containers, from manufacturing through retail. I came across your post on Quora (dated 3/16) which was helpful, but I had trouble understanding some of it. Wondering if you could clarify through an example, [...]

Retail Distortion

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Original entry: 5/15/2017 Updated 6/25/2017 There is huge disruption going on at all levels and categories of retail, as far as I can see. This is causing what I call distortion. Distortion in that some brands I see that are killing it at retail, yet cannot get more SKU's placed or placement in more locations [...]

Consumer product growth strategies

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This post provides a summary of consumer product growth strategies that I see, with their relative cost to successfully execute, time to successfully execute, risk of failure and manpower to execute. Predominant marketing influencing factors The three predominant marketing influencing factors are direct marketing (product centric), brand marketing (reputation centric), [...]