What is the ROI average for e-commerce sites?

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This is a Quora question I was asked to answer. I don’t look at ROI in terms of consumer products or ecommerce because that number is not as meaningful due to its wide range across categories, channels and geography. EBITDA, net profit margin, payback period, and revenue-to-funding are metrics I prefer. Based on that, [...]

How do you calculate the ROI for channel sales?

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This was a Quora question I was asked to answer. I’ve not personally thought of or used ROI for channel sales, but I suppose you could. To be clear, when I think of channel sales in context of what I do, which is consumer products, I think of the retail channel, or a subset of [...]

The Flow of Money in a Consumer Product Company (infographic)

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The best way to think about this is a profit and loss statement, starting with revenue at the top and net income at the bottom. A customer flows from the top, acquired through marketing spend, and everything in between to deliver that product to them, with profit left over, and all the key metrics [...]

Do I spend the $50,000 on this TV commercial or not? Analyzing a TV commercial opportunity with simple metrics

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This is a question from a business acquaintance: I've been approached by a network and their TV show about featuring our line in a commercial as part of an episode. The rub is that they want a $50k "scheduling fee" from us in order to do the segment. This would be a big bet for [...]

What are deduct from invoice fees with retailers?

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A question that I was recently asked is what are deduct from invoice fees with retailers? For dietary supplement products, what are deduct from invoice fees associated with doing business with Walmart, Target and club stores like Sam's, Coscto and Bjs; how about for grocery chains like Safeway or drug stores like Walgreens? To clarify [...]

How to supercharge growth in a CPG or consumer product start-up

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For this post, I will be discussing a not-so-well known way to supercharge growth in a CPG or consumer product startup, which I had the opportunity to use in a few different start-ups with great success. Which set of results would you rather have? Exhibit B is looking a heck of a lot better, isn't [...]

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