Tracking your customer journey across the sales funnel

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This is a nice how to guide to setup the systems to track your customer's journey through your sales funnel.  It is more geared towards SAAS, but still is a good framework for consumer product sales.  I have added it as an external resource to Section 2: Systems of my Lean & Agile Framework.

How to use autoresponder sequences for all your marketing and sales

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Autoresponders are traditionally thought of in terms of email; you get a subscriber to your list and a series of emails goes out to them. Or, a customer buys a product so they get a series of emails, either general emails because you also put them on your list, or specific emails related to their [...]

The Flow of Money in a Consumer Product Company (infographic)

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The best way to think about this is a profit and loss statement, starting with revenue at the top and net income at the bottom. A customer flows from the top, acquired through marketing spend, and everything in between to deliver that product to them, with profit left over, and all the key metrics [...]


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Original entry:  5/1/2017 Update:  7/23/2017 Update:  8/19/2017 The last few years I have mostly spent hunkered down, building my Lean & Agile Framework to support my Growth Stack, which is my approach to growth that in my experience, requires the least amount of investment and the least amount of risk, and has the potential to [...]

A few notes on how I build my list of emails for marketing with high quality prospects

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It's common practice to throw up a free download as a way to build an email list ail list bait to lure subscribers to your list. I typically do not build my list of emails for marketing that way because I want to maintain a high quality list with people that are potentially serious about [...]