What is the advertising to sales ratio investors will look for in a direct to consumer e-commerce startup?

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This is a Quora question I was asked to answer. Do you mean the return on ad spend ratio (ROAS)? I have never heard of “advertising to sales” ratio, but it probably means the same thing (revenue or sales divided by advertising spend…not to include media development costs or technology costs, just the costs to [...]

What to do when growing your company is like pushing a 10,000 pound boulder up a hill

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A few weeks ago, I talked to two different companies.  Both were lamenting at how difficult it was in growing their company. I delved a bit into each one's respective operations.  I could not find anything major that they were doing wrong.  In fact, both businesses were growing.  One had just landed a major customer, although only [...]

Instead of selling, just try to make it easier to buy

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I read an article recently about instead of selling just try to make it easier to buy. It got me thinking of a few ways this plays out in my work: Messaging vs. product:  do I focus on more messaging/advertising or do I focus on improving and making a better product that drives word-of-mouth marketing and [...]

How not to sell an evaporative cooler installation (or anything else, for that matter)

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There a lot of things not to do when you are handling a one-on-one sales meeting, but here are some pretty obvious ones that stick out to me. Don't try to find out about who the customer is, their knowledge base  and what they want. Make the problem seem larger and more complicated than it [...]

Strategies and tactics for selling to retail category buyers

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I have never found sales to be much art at all.  It's all science and execution, not some black magic. Selling to retail category buyers comes down to a numbers game, where the more you do it, the more you can learn and refine, and eventually, you will succeed.  You prepare, rehearse, execute, analyze, refine; [...]

How This CPG food company gets to the next level

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This post presents a small CPG food company that I recently met.  What follows are the facts I know about the company, its struggles and my recommendations. Company This company is 4 years old with the founder as sole employee.  He is also the product inventor. Product Innovation There are 6 consumer retail products that [...]