Pemmican Food Startup – Start here for an overview of this project

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I've had for some time the idea to create a consumer brand for pemmican products and want to try bring this idea to reality.  I am starting with almost a clean sheet, with only some ideas for the business and some rudimentary product formulations that I have slowly been playing with for a while. The [...]

The 3 problem areas every consumer product startup encounters and how to prepare to overcome them

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There are 3 problem areas every consumer product startup encounters.  But there are ways to overcome them if you think ahead and build those solutions into your growth strategy. Problem #1:  Product-Market Fit This is the most classic problem every startup encounters. Does your product and it's benefits or outcomes it provides, fit with the [...]

Key viability metrics for a startup CPG company

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When I look at CPG opportunities, my goal is to know the following: 1.  Is this product/idea differentiated in the marketplace and how easy is it for the competition to copy/replicate that differentiation? 2.  Does the team know what they are doing to grow the opportunity? 3.  What's the plan to get the opportunity to [...]

How fast should you grow your company?

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How fast should you grow your company? I get this question from to time by startup and early-stage companies. Assuming that there is demand for your product/service and the sales are there for the taking, here's my response: Competitive environment. Do you have a defensible competitive advantage, like a patent? Or, another way to look at [...]

When will competing on price as a small CPG work?

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If you are a startup or small company, it's common wisdom to not compete on price. If price is all that differentiates products in the same category, then customers will buy from the lowest-priced competitor. This means that competitors will constantly be pricing their products lower and lower to win business to where eventually, no [...]

Qualify an idea for a CPG or consumer product business

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This post provides guidance for qualifying an idea for a CPG or consumer product business (B2C or a B2B2C). In my opinion, the process for qualifying idea for a CPG or consumer product business is really hard because your first iteration is NEVER the final and best idea. Your business idea should naturally evolve as you [...]

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