Creating and using a production log for producing a consumer product

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I want to use this post to run through how I encapsulate all key information for a product production run into a Google Sheet.  You can use Excel, but I prefer Sheets as it is easier to use when cross-linking, as I explain in this post. You can access the template used in this [...]

Rite Aid upgrades consumer product discovery and sourcing process

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What is significant of this article is not Rite Aid, but the RangeMe platform (and others like it, although RangeMe appears to be the biggest), where vendors can create profiles as a way for retailers and resellers to discover and source products.  Why is this important?  I think the discovery and sourcing process from vendor [...]

Luxury Brands Are Snapping Up Farms to Control their Supply Chains

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Use to be that everything was outsourced. Now, vertical integration by owning your supply chain can make huge strategic and financial sense, for any size company.

The 3 problem areas every consumer product startup encounters and how to prepare to overcome them

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There are 3 problem areas every consumer product startup encounters.  But there are ways to overcome them if you think ahead and build those solutions into your growth strategy. Problem #1:  Product-Market Fit This is the most classic problem every startup encounters. Does your product and it's benefits or outcomes it provides, fit with the [...]

Resource Security

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Successfully marketing and selling a product is the goal. but you need to make sure you think through and plan for resource security - a reliable supply of your product's raw materials in order to be successful. Not being able to meet demand because of supply chain issues is just as bad as not having [...]

The importance of knowing where a consumer or CPG category is going

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I met with a small CPG food start-up recently and the discussion focused on the company's growth strategy.  Only 6 months old, the start-up is generating online sales and is looking to retail distribution, which is the primary reason why I was there.  It is entering a crowded and competitive CPG category for its product [...]