How relevant is TV as an advertising medium for FMCG/CPG marketers (brand managers)?

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This is a Quora question I was asked to answer. Absolutely yes, but I need to qualify my answer with more details to back that up. First, my focus is building consumer product startups, not managing large brands. So, I really have no clue if brand advertising is relevant or not because I have almost [...]

Do I spend the $50,000 on this TV commercial or not? Analyzing a TV commercial opportunity with simple metrics

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This is a question from a business acquaintance: I've been approached by a network and their TV show about featuring our line in a commercial as part of an episode. The rub is that they want a $50k "scheduling fee" from us in order to do the segment. This would be a big bet for [...]

How to supercharge growth in a CPG or consumer product start-up

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For this post, I will be discussing a not-so-well known way to supercharge growth in a CPG or consumer product startup, which I had the opportunity to use in a few different start-ups with great success. Which set of results would you rather have? Exhibit B is looking a heck of a lot better, isn't [...]

Marketing and Distribution For A CPG Natural Food Start-up

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In my last post I wrote about some characteristics I thought CPG natural food start-ups must have to succeed in that category. As context for that article and this article, I visited with about 20 start-up companies in the natural food category that showcased their products at a recent event. I want to continue from [...]

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