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The KPIs for CPG  depend on the channels sold.

If sold direct-to-consumer, the top metrics I track include:

  1. Marketing spend;
  2. Message engagement rates (email, social views, social shares, hashtags, etc);
  3. Click throughs;
  4. Conversions;
  5. Average Order Value;
  6. Cost per click;
  7. Cost per visitor;
  8. Cost per order;
  9. Cart abandon rate;
  10. Cancels/Declines/Returns rates;
  11. Return on advertising spend (ROAS) or marketing efficiency ratio (MER);
  12. Lifetime value, calculated at least over 12-months, but can be also much sooner depending upon the product repurchase cycle.
  13. ROI

If sold in retail, the top metrics I track include:

  1. Units/door/week sold per retailer;
  2. Sales order change from 52-weeks prior;
  3. Weeks of inventory on hand that I have;
  4. Weeks of inventory on hand that the retail account has;
  5. Retailer weeks of inventory target number;
  6. Value of outstanding purchase orders;
  7. Product returns
  8. Retailer ROI and tradespend and penalties
  9. PO delivery on-time rate
  10. Out of stock percentage
  11. Logistics costs to revenue ratio

My background is consumer product and CPG startups through low 9-figures in revenue, so I cannot speak to the top metrics tracked for larger CPG’s. I would think they track the above plus additional ones.

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