This post includes LEARNINGS, GROWTH SECRETS and INVESTMENT IDEAS.  See previous updates here.

Feature image:  BTC price trend now vs 2010-2013 time period.  Will it repeat (which would put BTC at high of $380,000 in this current cycle)?   This visual and additional ones contained in my Visual Dataset.

I added more prospects to the Decision Analysis dataset this month. But I don’t think I will cycle into them for now as risk/return still tells me to stay predominantly focused on ETH (70% of my portfolio), BTC  (20% of my portfolio). The rest of my crypto portfolio is in the major alt coins of DOT, ADA, LINK and a smattering of game and metaverse coins.

For my fiat portfolio, KRBN and some gaming, although gaming has returned nicely and I think are at a local top so will be cycling out of them really soon and probably into KRBN.

I added PLBY and that could be a tremendous fiat play, but I am having moral and religious trepidations about investing in that space.  I should not because making money is hard enough as it is and I should take opportunities when they come. I like to think of myself as pretty logical and unemotional about investing, but in the end, I am just an emotional creature like all of us, which ends up reducing my return potential.  I hate that about myself.

This past month was really all about massive research into the NFT space. I will release an NFT Framework I came up with that helped educate me about the space and how to work in.  Sometime soon I think.

I hate being a U.S. based investor, as I am locked out from some serious opportunities in crypto.  I am trying to figure out a way around that and my have a strategy.  My accountants and tax lawyers will be happy because they will have more work to do.