Feature image:  Geothermal Map of North America shows just how much potential lies below the surface.  This visual and additional ones contained in my Visual Dataset.

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I have consolidated my incubator content and opened it up.  My startup roadmap is for DTC/B2B/B2B2C startups. I use it for my own startups and have published it to help others. In it you will learn methods that can: (a) lead to more sales, (b) produce faster sales, (c) make a company and its products more appealing to consumers, resellers and investors, (d) at reduced risk. It contains content, methodologies, processes, tools, spreadsheets, diagrams, resource lists, research, data and software, organized to take a startup from idea to $50 million in annual sales. Regardless of whether you want to stay small and private or grow large with investor participation, you can use my content to help you achieve your growth goals.

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A few interesting business ideas I came across and added to my dataset:

Tesla really is an amazing company that is far ahead of its competition.  You cannot argue with this methodology here.  It will be interesting to see how it plays out over the next decade.  I have been with TSLA for awhile now and will continue to stick with the stock because I think it has blockbuster potential.

Interesting article pointing to facts challenging whether our march towards solar and wind power is the right choice (I still think it is).  But you decide. And get a read on a potentially good investment.

Significant reason older adults are at greater risk of heart attack. This protein has been identified as the culprit (or lack thereof).  Watch for new therapeutic treatments to possibly result from this.

New software cuts time, cost of gene sequencing.  And the code is open source.

The new world order – where is the US right now.  Highly required read.  This is Chapter 9 of a book Ray Dalio is writing and releasing each chapter as he goes.  Read the whole book, but if not, at least get to this chapter.  Ray has done a comprehensive analysis on long term trends with respect to empires and what is happening now to the U.S. is not anything new. And based on past patterns of growth and decline with previous world empires, we know where it will end up.  Read this so you understand where the U.S. is now to help you prepare to get through the rough times ahead.

This is a longer podcast but well worth the time, covering some history on data platforms, but delving more deeply into current platforms and the direction they are going.  It is not technical, but much more strategic and business focused.  SNOW was discussed a lot with good insights into the company and why it has so far been so successful.

The 2010’s were all about the FAANG companies. The 2020’s next FAANG companies will probably come from biotechnology.  See my portfolio here for one’s I’ve identified as potential candidates.

A significant biotechnology development recently happened with Alphafold that is quite groundbreaking.  Learn about it here in a pretty non-technical and high-level overview and why it is important for human health.

US consumer confidence vs the S&P 500.  Perfect correlation until recently.  Will this relationship hold or is it breaking from here?

The strength of the public equity markets this year has produced a boom in IPO’s, direct listing and SPACs.  Companies are going public sooner to raise funding rather than tapping the private equity markets, because in many cases it gives them a better valuation.  That is potentially good for public equity investors, most of whom cannot access great deals in the private markets.

The total value of all the Bitcoin in existence is $357 billion, whereas the total value of all the gold in existence is $9.5 trillion. That means Bitcoin’s total value is a mere 3.7% of gold’s total value. Is this too low, given the striking similarities and similar investment appeal of the two assets? If so, that would put BTC at over $500,000 versus its recent ~$20,000.

Nice article on Amazon’s third-party seller ecosystem. Just another reason to own Amazon stock for the long run.  This article delves a little into the benefits of selling on Amazon and using their FBA.  I’ve used FBA with mixed results on service reliability.  That was a few years ago so I am sure it has gotten better since then.  The article also touches on other businesses that are in the business if buying and operating Amazon-specific sellers.