Feature image:  Solar ETF since inception.  The ETF has been on a tear this year.  Will it continue?  This visual and additional content about it is contained in the Visual Dataset.

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FVAC closed it merger with MP Materials.  This creates the largest source of rare earth metals outside of China. Rare earths are a critical input into critical climate change and battery technologies. Ticker changes to MP.

Although this podcast covers HIV cures using gene editing in particular, it discusses a lot of general gene editing and the current state of the sector.

This is a high level audio discussion from thought leaders on data and the main technologies and approaches that are currently in use and where the industry is going.  It does not get far into the weeds on data and technologies but keeps its high level.

This podcast talks about health care at a high level in terms of prices, costs, why our health care costs are so high, and where it can be improved to reduce costs.  Worth a listen to get up to speed on these issues.

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